Emails are a nightmare

80% of employees feels overloaded by their inbox

Opportunities lost

60% of opportunities and 40% of follow-up actions are lost because employees don’t identify, share and collaborate

Searching for information

Employees spend 20% of time searching for information, or creating already existing information

The Dynamic Solution

Inbox Assistant

Helps for an empty Inbox by filing, deleting or convert into tasks


A full email & document management system integrated in your Outlook & Windows

CRM Dashboard

A pragmatic customer relation manager to track opportunities & follow-up & history

Timesheets & Billing

Daily time tracking on emails, documents, meetings… and convert easily all in invoices

Enjoy the USER Experience

About Dynamic Flows

Dynamic Flows creates user-friendly and efficient innovative applications that are directly integrated in the user’s mailbox, Microsoft Office and Windows. The Mission of Dynamic Flows is to develop intelligent software applications aiming at making user`s life easier and increase business productivity